The Unfinished Cautionary Fable – Advancing the Plot

In our last episode I told you that frustration with the lack of progress removing all those salmon nets from a local cove had reached a critical point. It became, at last, necessary to bring out our secret weapon – Granny. Now some of you might scoff but Terry Pratchett knew her well and our cause is just.

Within hours of speaking to her representative a boat arrived in the cove. On board were 3 Officers from the Department of Fisheries, divers, and an underwater camera.

This group arrived to survey (yet again) the scope of a problem we’ve been describing for almost a year. Their reaction, best summed up by one of the divers, was “Holy Sh*t there are a lot of nets down here!” .

Some of you reading this will understand the anger felt by Granny and the rest of us when we heard these words. Seriously, did they think we were making this up? Were we just being “emotional”?

The good news is that “Homer” arrived yesterday and brought some of his own divers. The latter were deployed around the cove to tag the nets which needed to be hauled away. They didn’t come close to getting to all of them.

It will not come as a complete surprise to learn that the reaction of those divers (heard from 15 ft away on the bank) was “F*ck there’s a sh*t ton of nets in here!”. At this point we just smiled politely and said “Really? Imagine that!”. sigh

Homer managed to lift about 15 of the nets before he went home – at noon. It could be that he only booked the divers for a couple of hours thinking they’d be able to finish tagging quickly. It could be that he realized (finally) the size of the job and decided that he needed to rethink his approach. It could be that he had a dentist appointment.

It could be none of those things. However, he must now understand how much there is to do for him to complete this contract by the end of the month and get paid.

He’d better buckle down and work on this. Granny isn’t known for her patience. 🙂

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