Granny Might Start Drinking – Part 3 of the Unfinished Cautionary Fable

Rain today, heavy tonight. We’ll get a lot more before the week is out. This means that those boys pulling up salmon nets will get wet. Assuming they actually do the work.

I had a different blog post planned for today – we all need a break from those nets. 🙂 Granny and I were sitting here having coffee when I got a text from one of the local fishermen. I have to say that she has a very colourful vocabulary when incensed – nothing I can print in a family friendly blog.

The guy working with “Homer” had called asking where the nets are because they can’t find them. My friend asked him if he was using a grapple – the guy said maybe they could rig something up.

Kids, I can see nets just looking in the water. I’ve watch a grapple pull up dozens within a small area and then drop them back.

Granny sent the fisherman out with his grapple to show them how to find the more than 100 nets sitting there. Then she asked me for a shot of something for her coffee.

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