I know it’s officially Spring but we’re still dealing with windchills around -12C (10F). When the temperatures warm up a bit we get more wind so it’s still ugly out there.

This will change of course and soon Summer will arrive with its accompanying tourists. It’s not that I don’t like them – it’s just that I prefer the peace without them. 🙂

In the meantime things progress. The boats are getting ready to set traps tomorrow and everybody is crossing their fingers for a good harvest.

I am supposed to go upriver but I really resent having to leave the Island. There’s going to come a point I’ll become the crazy cat/dog lady locked in her house. 🙂

On an entirely different note. Today is Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday. I mention this because it relates to the reason I first truly fell in love with Second Life. For those interested, this is a video (and build) made by Robbie Dingo over 14 years ago. I saw this and my online destiny was sealed.

The comments reveal that I wasn’t the only one and I’m not alone in missing this build, this creator and being inworld. There are more creators and better creations – but this one has a piece of my heart.


  1. Wow, wow, wow. I’ve never seen that video nor got a chance to see that build. We need more of those now!!! Mesh has a lot of benefits over the prim work but… it wasn’t all improvements. /me gets out virtual cane and shakes it at the children

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