I’m Sure It Keeps Me Young

Sometimes I have to slap myself (gently mind you) for being an idiot. These pics are just an exercise in trying out a function on my photo editor I’ve been looking for – looking for a long time. It turns out the button was sitting right there on the screen staring at me. sigh

Technology, we all know, is weird. Devices are programmed to work in a certain way and they aren’t supposed to have consciousness or self-will. You can’t prove that in this house. I mean that button was hiding or I would have seen it. Really!

Other things are acting up. Last night I was watching something on my smart television. Suddenly, with no warning or input from me, the picture expanded by about 125% – which means I couldn’t see the whole screen and I can’t scroll left/right.

I tried changing the image to “fit to screen” but it wouldn’t let me. I unplugged it and when I turned it back on I was signed out of YouTube and it still wouldn’t let me modify settings. I did this twice more and it kept changing its mind about my accounts being active but continued to refuse to cooperate.

The animals don’t care about my problems of course. The three older ones are still dealing with a mutant kitten going through puberty. I know he’s miserable – he yells about it most of the day and night – but the rest of us aren’t enjoying it either. šŸ™‚

The police came to my door at 4:00 am the other day because they were looking for somebody and weren’t sure of the name. She apologized for being there so early but my house was the only one with the lights on. I didn’t tell her it’s because I wander the place at night with a black light looking for traces of Ciaran’s spray. He gets neutered on Thursday and things should settle down. Well, except for the gremlins in the TV etc. šŸ™‚

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