“I remember. I remember when I lost my mind.”

I realize that I’ve shared big and small thoughts on these posts. Everything from the state of the world to the minutiae of my life. There is, however, something I’ve never told you. In fact, this is something I haven’t mentioned to a single living soul.

There was always the fear that I was losing it – maybe it was a symptom of dementia or just evidence that my synapses were firing in the wrong direction.

It’s time, so here goes.

Every now and then I hear music. It’s very faint and not identifiable. There is also a voice – a man’s – but the words are indistinct.

This has only happened since I moved into this house.

It doesn’t happen every day or at a predictable time of day. Occasionally I’ll hear it when I go to bed and the house is otherwise very quiet. I’ve also been serenaded while sitting in my chair reading. There’s no rhyme or reason to the timing of it and it also doesn’t last very long – just enough to freak me out.

Sometimes I go look out the window for a vehicle or pedestrian going by with a radio playing. There’s never anybody there.

I’ve walked around the house and checked all the things I own which have the ability to play sounds but the TV, phones, radio, computer etc., are all silent.

I’ve chosen to believe it’s my ghost. The only other alternative is that it’s my mind behaving badly. Gnarls Barkley’s song then becomes my soundtrack for hours. Talk about earworms! πŸ™‚

I am finally sharing this because something wonderful happened this morning. A friend was here very early for coffee – he was sitting on the couch playing with the animals while I scrolled through Twitter on the computer.

Suddenly he got up and started walking around the house looking out the windows and then went outside. When he got back I asked him WTH he was doing.

He said he heard music and what sounded like a man’s voice but he couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Hallelujah!


  1. Ooooh! Ghost! Oooooh! Ghost confirmed by 2nd person! (I can relate to the “omg, am I going nuts???” but for different reasons.) And thanks for the great song. I’m playing it on loop right now. πŸ™‚

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  2. So this is a very interesting topic. I’m quite grateful that I have NOT had any encounters with ghosts. But I have heard from some people who have. Normally I’d smile patronizingly and say of course it was a ghost. in both cases, however, these are people who are the LAST people in the world I’d expect to hallucinate or invent ghosts. One is my sister-in-law AND her family. Trust me – these are NOT people who let their minds wander into delusional fantasies. In any case, they all reported incidents on their own but the same apparitions. The other was a different family member from a different branch of the family. Again – someone totally grounded in scientific reason and technique. yet he too encountered something that can only be explained with words like “spirits, apparitions, beings from another time who are still here”. the closest I have ever come was to have a shared dream with a friend of mine. now this is a friend who definitely sees different dimensions. after my father died, he appeared to her twice in dreams. once before I’d ever told her my father had died. she ‘saw’ him the night he died and he told her he was dead. but the night we shared a dream was many months later. my father appeared to me in a dream. he was talking to me about helping my mother with her taxes. in my dream someone else was sitting to my right, but i couldn’t see who, just knew someone was there. turned out my friend had a dream about my father that night. my father was talking to me about some financial matters. oh -and i was sitting to the left of my friend. i’m very glad for your sake that someone else heard your ghost. and i’m glad that for the most part your ghost seems benign. my in-laws’ ghost was not. but after my s-i-l gave her a talking to, things calmed down. πŸ™‚ no one, dead or alive, messes with my s-i-l. πŸ™‚

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      1. *smile* yes although in this case i’m going to say it was his love and concern for my mother. she was all stressed about having to do the taxes on her own for the first time. i kept reassuring her that I would help, we had it covered. Which is actually what I said to my father in the dream, a tad exasperatedly as i recall. “I KNOW, Daddy. I HAVE it.” *grin* It was quite disconcerting when our friend told us a dream, and we’d say – oh yeah – he meant this. so as Hamlet said: There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy

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