In The Rain

It’s wet this morning – an active wet. We’re supposed to get a lot of this over the next few days but at least it’s not a blizzard. Yet. šŸ™‚

I did a quick drive out to Mill Cove and encountered 2 “cobra chickens“. They did not appreciate my attention – there was a LOT of yelling and I felt decidedly unwelcome.

The kitten is curled up between my arms at the moment which makes it really difficult to type. However, he’s cute and I’d feel like a monster if I moved him.

Saffia and I have talked about the fear of cats acquiring thumbs and Ciaran has shown the ability to fold his large paws and pick things up. It’s getting worse.

I give the dogs dried duck breast – it looks like jerky and is relatively narrow and long. The other day I walked into the sunporch and he had a piece. He was sitting up, holding the treat in the air vertically in one paw, up to his face, and chewing on it. The apocalypse is near.

Ciaran was supposed to get neutered today but I’ve had to postpone the trip. With any luck it will happen early next week. Fergus has let it be known that he will not wait much longer. šŸ™‚

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