It was a quick trip this morning – it’s really cold. I know it’s not -30 but still that wind goes right through you. A walk on the beach at Mill Cove was a necessity though because, in addition to a friend of mine, there are now 3 dogs in the car during these trips.

My friend’s son acquired a new young animal recently and she’s gorgeous. She’s also about 40 pounds already and not fully grown. Bayley’s a cross between many breeds but is mostly a Tree Walker Coonhound – her coat is short and reddish gold. Unfortunately they need a lot of exercise or they don’t settle down in the house – hence my walk on the beach while the three terrors ran in circles. 🙂

On a different note – I’ve been very pleased with the garbage collectors who come to this Island. You can put out a variety of stuff which would never have been touched in my previous life and it just gets added to the truck.

For really big things you just call them to set up a special collection. I’m thinking either the owner of this couch thought that was too much work or they were really really pissed off at this piece of furniture. Not only did they dump it – they also set the thing on fire. I expect it will decorate the beach for a long time. The dogs enjoyed investigating it. 🙂

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