Small Triumphs

These are all images from earlier this year – for a few reasons. I’m still awash in cleaning supplies and various appliances so haven’t spent any time wandering around trying to take half decent photos.

I do, however, have time in the middle of the night to edit some of the older ones. The occasional inability to fall asleep does have some advantages. 🙂

I learned (in order to keep my sanity) over the years, when depression threatened to overwhelm me, to take comfort in and quietly celebrate the positive things – no matter how small.

I’m certainly not depressed these days but I am drowning in my least favourite activity – spring cleaning. So, allow me to share a couple of tiny things that brightened my day lately – it doesn’t take much.

The door was open for an extended period of time yesterday which is not something I’d do in the summer months. The number of flies and mosquitoes in the house would be horrendous. Still, a giant wasp found its way indoors.

I did my usual – grab a small Tupperware container and trap the beast while slipping a piece of paper underneath to transport the unwelcome visitor outside. This time the process was amended slightly. I got the bright idea to spray the inside of the plastic bowl with Raid first and it died before I had to worry about getting stung. l was very proud of myself (my standards are admittedly low).

Being part of the Community is one of the best things about living on this Island but it does come with a personal sense of inadequacy.

If a fishing boat has engine trouble I’m not the one who is going to be able to tow them back to shore. A truck in a ditch isn’t going to be rescued by yours truly and I’m not going to be recruited by the Fire Department. Still, feeling like I can contribute is important.

Two days ago a man I know came and asked me to register his wife on ArriveCan. Remember there are a significant number of residents without cell phones or computers. I set up quite a few of my neighbours earlier in the pandemic and had forgotten that this, at least, is one thing I can do. I’m no good with boats or trucks or fires – but computer help is something I can provide. 🙂

Once this house has been thoroughly cleaned I do have some structural projects which have to be tackled. Still, I plan to find time to play with the one long camera lens the kitten hasn’t destroyed. It’s a beast (seriously, it’s heavy enough it requires its own tripod) and I’ve never tried to use it. I doubt that it’s good enough for great images but I should be able to get something with it.

In the shorter term – the hummingbirds are close now in their migration and there have been a few sightings in the Province already. I’ll get the feeders out this week and hope that visitors to them will keep Ciaran sufficiently entertained that he’ll let me get the rest of my work done.

Accomplishing any of those things will be celebrated. Quietly. Probably by reading a book. 🙂

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