I’m all for saving the planet. It’s a vital and noble cause. I’m also entirely supportive of any activities to preserve the various food chains and ensure that most every animal/insect/plant can thrive and continue to exist.

However. There are some initiatives, no matter how valid or well intentioned, in which I am not going to be a participant. It’s selfish I know but I’m not budging.

We’re getting rain today, so I’ll be focusing on indoor chores, and then it’s expected to be warm and sunny for an extended period. This means I can go clean up the yard and that will include mowing the lawn.

Apparently, in an effort to help the bee population, we’re not supposed to cut the grass in May. This will (I’m told) allow the dandelions and various meadow flowers to grow and bloom providing a banquet for our little pollinating friends.

While this definitely appeals to my bone-deep laziness, and distaste for mowing my lawn at anytime, I have no intention of joining the No Mow May movement. Ignoring the grass for 31 days will only encourage a gazillion mosquitoes to set up camp. If you lived here you’d feel the same.

Hate me if you must, but I’ll point out that my world will only be tolerable if I’m not surrounded by a dense cloud of those blood suckers. This is one life-form I have no intention of encouraging.


  1. Actually, that’s from me, Saffia. WordPress has decided I’m anonymous on my phone.

    It’s popularly assumed to be a mid 17th century English beekeeper’s saying. The later in the year bees swarm, the less time they will have to collect honey.

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