Chores? Oh, yeah, them.

The weather is pretty good right now although it’s cool in the mornings. The cats feel that this “coolness” requires a lit wood stove. I don’t necessarily agree although apparently this home is supposed to be a democracy and they feel that their votes count. They also outnumber me.

The good news is that Ciaran is starting to revert back to being a kitten – rather than a testosterone driven monster. He’s playing with his toys again and the other animals aren’t avoiding him anymore.

The surprising part of this is that the other two cats have started playing with his toys as well – usually they spend all their time sleeping on the bed. He’s a good influence.

Fish spends most of his time outdoors on a run. He has decided that it’s his job to lecture the neighbourhood on pretty much everything. It is to be hope that, once he gets neutered, he will become a more passive participant in the world.

I’m trying to get stuff accomplished given that there is only a small window before it is winter again. There’s a tendency on my part to want to be working outdoors when I’m in and indoors when I’m out. It’s hard to focus long enough to get anything finished. 🙂

Mostly I’m like one of the Shags (the local name for them is sh*tbirds), looking out to sea, wishing I could just ignore everything, and waiting for some discipline to take hold. grin

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