Just Another Day in Paradise

I fully expect to wake up slowly to the sound of birds singing. Disappointment arrives every morning. Today somebody was obviously late to the boat so they drove their (already loud) truck by at 160 mph. This was followed by something large with air brakes. Who needs air brakes on this Island?

The vehicles woke up the cats – who woke up the dog. They all then insisted that I begin my day at 5:00 am.

After taking care of the monsters (time consuming) the reward was my first coffee. I tried to enjoy it while the kitten stomped around on his giant feet and harassed Fergus – who can growl really loudly. Ciaran apparently considers the older cat’s reaction to be just part of the game and responds by speaking in tongues.

I finally left them to sort out their differences when the sun came up. Fish insists on using random twine left on the Breakwater as his toilet so I got to listen to Darren’s boat as he hauled traps next to us.

There was a brief period of calm on Malloch’s Point but I made the mistake of heading to the far side of the Harbour.

I think the air brakes belonged to a large truck delivering bait to Tiger’s dock. A new supply required the old stuff to be dumped – which he did. Right there next to the shore.

The seagulls have some kind of psychic ability to know when this happens and they arrived to clean up the mess. From the level of noise most of the ones on the Island were there.

The birds like to have committee meetings while they eat breakfast. There was a lot of debate about the coming summer season and which groups would get which Coves. It’s a lot like listening to the fishermen but much higher pitched.

At least it was until something else arrived. I don’t know what it was but the low (loud) growl came from the bushes onshore. This interrupted the gulls’ meeting and infuriated them. I didn’t realize until that point that they could yell even louder. I left before finding out what kind of animal was hiding in the shrubs and before the gulls could start using me as a target.

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