Adulting is a Stretch Goal

Weather arrived. I made the sensible and adult decision to focus on indoor chores during this period. This has nothing to do with the fact that a friend told me he heard the sound of an animal in the garage and figures I have something the size of a raccoon in there.

I know it’s not a neighbourhood cat or dog – they’d call for me. Whatever it is probably wouldn’t be scared off by my Mouse Repeller. I choose to believe a log just fell off the pile and will leave it at that. At least until it’s less “atmospheric” outdoors.

Indoors there is a great deal of lobbying for a wood fire. It’s not that cold but they have their own opinions. It’s a good thing I don’t have a thermostat and that, if I did, they can’t reach it. I’d spend all my time trying to get the house temperature below tropical.

Ciaran is making steady progress since his surgery. His behaviour is once more becoming kitten-like as opposed to sexual predator. I do, however, have to wonder why I bothered to spend money on toys when all he usually needs is the poor shower curtain. 🙂

I have 3 more rugs to shampoo before I’ll let myself move on to other projects in the house. The laundry room really has to be gutted and insulated but I know myself. If I move on to ripping down a ceiling I’ll never get back to the carpets.

My time management sucks. As determined as I am (for example) to have a shower first thing in the morning something always happens. There’s a sudden need to go to Lubec for gas or upriver for somebody’s truck part. I’m lucky if I can find 30 minutes later in the day just to practice basic hygiene. None of this was included in the “Retirement & You” manual. 🙂

When my friends don’t need anything I manage to get some basic tasks accomplished. Unfortunately (my opinion not theirs) the animals insist on helping with those. Fish, for example, insists on supervising the vacuum cleaner. Loudly. He has definite opinions on the best way to use that machine and apparently I am lousy at it.

Ciaran has rediscovered the broom. I found a cheap one on Amazon and it is the best I’ve ever used. Seriously! It gets everything, including kitty litter which somehow gets tracked into sharp corners. However, I want you to imagine an 8 pound kitten imitating Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball and you might understand my problem. He, at least, enjoys cleaning the house.

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