The Uncultivated Garden

I worry sometimes that I give you the impression that there are no flowers on this Island. This is, obviously, not true. At the moment the gazillion lupins which decorate the roadsides and wooded areas are coming into bloom. It’s not an english country garden in my front yard, but it still makes you feel good as you (I) travel around. 🙂

The vast hedges of lilacs are almost finished but their scent lingers. Apple trees are blossoming still – the different parts of this rock have slightly different seasons so some trees are concentrating on fruit buds while others are calling to the bees for pollination.

I told you once about two men, Hunt and Flagg, who (for some unknown reason) arrived almost 300 years ago and planted apple seeds all over the Island. You can’t go anywhere without tripping over their progeny. This makes the deer and moose very happy. I enjoy the blossoms.

On a side note, I have managed to get the lawn down to a crewcut height. Somebody told me to be careful because I would “burn it” and the grass would die. He said that like it was a bad thing. Go figure. 🙂

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