Not Helping

In my opinion (grin) two of the least welcome words in the English language are “you should”. The most positive spin on that phrase is that it’s being uttered in a genuine attempt to assist you with whatever problem you’re having. The reality is that it’s usually being said in ignorance and ignores the recipient’s knowledge, understanding, and the limits of their situation.

I told you years ago about some tourists down on Jacksons Breakwater who started telling me what I (personally) should do to get rid of the slowly rotting wreck of an old fish plant and store. It was said with the best of intentions but without any background on the Island, the plant, my complete lack of authority, and the wishes of many locals.

I’ve been on this Island for almost 5 years now. I arrived with no experience in fishing – or even the East Coast lifestyle and culture. My level of understanding has progressed to that of a 3 year old.

This morning I was visiting the site of a weir with a fisherman and discussing the movement of herring in ebb and flood tides. I was staring at the structure, which opens facing the shore, and thought it would be better rotated to face the other way.

I caught myself just before I told him what I thought he should do. One of the advantages of age is that you learn from your life experiences. Well, at least, you should. 🙂


  1. Thanks for the pictures ,,,i see the house is still there ,so that’s encouraging ! …Enjoy the summer ! ,,,Nice photo’s ,,,Dar

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