Careful Planning

It’s going to be (or at least feel) hot today and probably muggy. I might get some outside chores done but I suspect I’ll stay inside where it’s cooler. 🙂

This coming week will be a bit of a strain. Monday I’m going to Walmart in Calais for the first time since March 2020. I’ve missed it – both for the selection and the prices. These days both mean a great deal.

Tuesday I have to go to St. Stephen – I might finally get that damned mammogram. On the way back both of the younger animals will visit their Vet for a manicure. They are very excited but are managing, so far, to conceal this fact.

The main reason for my trip upriver on Tuesday is to renew my passport, which I understand might take a few months. This is OK with me – I’m not planning to fly anywhere. If the renewal doesn’t happen before my current one expires well, then, somebody else will have to go to Lubec to get gas. As long as there are no emergencies which would require a trip through Maine, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.

There is no obvious explanation why, but spending hours shopping and in the car is exhausting. I ache by the end of the trip and it takes days to recover. Two long days back to back will be a b*tch. I’d rather spend 8 hours splitting wood. 🙂

There’s no point in taking my camera with me but one of these days (I’ve been saying this for years now) I will do a trip just to visit the touristy places I drive by in Maine. There are a lot of them.

In any case, if I get all the things on my list done I won’t have to go anywhere again til the end of July. This probably has as much chance of succeeding as most of my plans do. 🙂

Speaking of plans, many of the men intending to catch herring have been preparing for weeks. This morning I watched baby fish chasing the shrimp and the adults watching indulgently. Some friends have herring in their weir and are hoping to harvest them today. One potential problem – apart from the many seals currently feasting on the fish – is a 6 foot long silvery grey body swimming around in there. We should know later today if it’s a shark. Yay?

I mentioned the strip of land which I’ve left to grown wild. Obviously this was a wise thing to do – at least as it benefits the bees (and we all care about the bees). As you can see in the next image, I’m not just growing grass. I now claim that this was intentional. 🙂

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