Done For Another Month

I saw a whale within 300 ft of Jacksons this morning, seals, and an eagle fishing nearby and didn’t get a shot of any of them. I’m lucky to have captured a few images of Head Harbour Channel. The past two days have wiped me out. Some things did get done though.

Monday’s trip to Walmart had mixed results. I intended to get a much needed oil change. However, the Service Manager informed me he’d sent everyone to get lunch (I can support the need to eat) and he might have somebody in 2 hours but probably wouldn’t be able to get to my car. He was correct.

Everything was reorganized in the store – which I thought was really unkind. I mean, it had only been 28 months since my last visit and they could have made it easier for me to find stuff. One of the staff told me they had been changing things regularly and if I’d waited a bit longer it would likely have been back to the way I remembered. πŸ™‚

For those things I did find, I discovered that their prices had also changed. Baked goods (on those items I know the price I used to pay) have gone up by 50%. Most other items had impossible to find prices. Check out was eye opening.

Yesterday I made the trip to St. Stephen and St. George. Both Fish and Ciaran came along so that they could get manicures on the way home. A friend also joined us and did the driving – which is the only reason I survived. He also took care of the animals while I did my errands.

The mammo got gramed, my serial killer picture was taken, and my passport renewal application has started its long journey. I bought some transmission fluid and that was poured in the appropriate opening. I also got to Canadian Tire and bought a tiny thingamajig to fix the cord on my staple gun. (Fish decided to chew through it one day when he was bored.) I was offered a more “heavy duty” alternative but explained that I’m not building a house and just needed the basic, thank you.

The heat and the (at that point) 7 hour journey must have take a toll on the dog and cat because they both apparently behaved very well at the Vet’s.

I intended to go to bed early once we got home but a kitten crawled into my lap and wouldn’t budge. We watched a delayed video of the special hearing and zoned out. There won’t be much accomplished today. πŸ™‚

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