Coming Home

I mentioned last week that my passport has begun its long, slow journey towards renewal. This could take months. In the meantime, I was given a photocopy of it and the renewal information so that I could continue to cross the Border. I went to Lubec for gas the day after my trip to the Government Office and everything was fine.

My brief trip yesterday did not turn out as well.

If you live in North America you are familiar with the existence of the ArriveCan app – required for all who wish to enter this Country. It’s designed to show to Canada Customs that you have been vaccinated (although there’s some other information in there). You fill it out once and the information pops up everytime they enter your passport.

My ArriveCan information did not surface when I came through yesterday. It had disappeared. I suggested that this was because my passport has been cancelled but they didn’t think so.

I wound up going inside the Customs Building where two of the kind Officers used my phone to set me up again. There is a hardcopy of all the relevant documents in my car so it was possible – but still mildly annoying that it was necessary. I’m just lucky it’s a small crossing and they know me. šŸ™‚

I realized as they went through all the steps that there have been some changes to the app. Either the problem really was my passport or these changes mean that everybody has to redo their information.

Everybody. Including all the ones I set up for other people here on the Island.

The app was changed last week and you’d think somebody on my list of “clients” would have crossed the Border since then. I haven’t heard of any problems from anybody (and there would be a lot of grumbling), but I may have to go in and update all of the ones I did anyway. I really hope not. I tell them to keep their paperwork with them, however I don’t imagine they’d enjoy the stress of any hassle they might encounter.

You have to love technology but new software upgrades are a pain. šŸ™‚

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