It’s Not My Fault

The good news is that there’s now a hole in the wall of my sunporch – it’s plugged with an air conditioner. More work is required to tidy up the installation but it is fully operational and the house is much more comfortable.

The bad news is that my back porch, which needs serious repairs, has moved considerably higher on the priority list. It was partially dismantled last night by my young friend. Allow me to explain.

I woke up to a new noise yesterday morning (Oh, not the one I mentioned the other day. I think I’ve solved that and will tell you about it soon.). If you’ve ever heard a cat yelling that it wanted into the house then you will know what I was hearing.

Later in the day I could hear it coming from under the porch. Well, it was until I saw the source sitting on the corner of the deck. A teeny, tiny, kitten with a very loud mouth. I went out and it ran back underneath.

I was prepared to be patient with the poor wee thing and set out water and kitten food. Days of trying to gain its trust was in my future. That was until my young friend showed up. He took off his hat, tried to crawl under the porch and finally took it apart and sent in Fish. I now have a new addition to the family.

I’m not convinced she’s old enough to be fully weaned (Yay! A female! Finally!) and can’t weigh more than a pound. Two friends helped me give her water by syringe but that was only possible after I got her stoned on catnip. I blitzed up some canned food and she ate that – so she’s eating, drinking, and did use the litter box I put out for her.

The newest addition to the family is all black and has extra toes (of course she does). I haven’t counted them but it looks like she has two dew claws on each of her front paws at least (or they’re thumbs). My Vet will be thrilled.

She hid of course because everything is new and scary. However, she didn’t shut up – until Fergus and Ciaran went to investigate. The little innocent took one look at Fergus (you know, Fergus the 20 pound Boss, the grumpy one) and raced out to him. I suspect her Mother might have been a dark brown tabby. She has no fear of my big guy and is at his heels chasing him all over the house.

Ciaran seems to be afraid of her, Fish thinks she’s a new toy, and Duff is doing a good job of passive bemusement.

Unlike my first mutant, she isn’t very certain about me but did voluntarily come over for some hugs this morning. I’ve promised her I’ll get 10 minutes alone with whoever dumped her in my yard and make sure they’re punished. In the meantime, I’ll figure out a name.

I’ve got time to go feed the birds now while she’s asleep. I know this because, although she’s somewhere up in the mess on the second floor, she’s quiet. 🙂 Then I’ll go clean up the kitten food in my bathtub.


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