Discovering Her Handle

Today’s post won’t moan on about the weather. 🙂 I made a quick trip to Head Harbour while it was relatively cool – note that I’m still obsessed with the flowers that grow out of and around the wharves. I also love seeing the tourists manage to find space in the middle of fishing gear.

The kitten we rescued from under my deck a couple of days ago is settling in. Yesterday she started grooming herself and is experiencing the delights of climbing every vertical surface she encounters.

She goes to the Vet on Wednesday and that has added to the urgency of finding her name. It had to feel right to me (I’m the one using it) and suit her. She gets a vote too – it’s very personal after all.

I went through a lot of names/words that referenced her colour (shadow, shade, etc.) and my favourite of those was Nyx. This was an homage to the Greek Goddess of the Night – the only woman who scared Zeus. Ciaran thought it was perfect since she terrifies him. It would be aspirational, something she could use to build self-esteem. She didn’t care for it. Fine.

My sister suggested I name her after our Grandmother. She was a tiny little woman who immigrated from Glasgow when she was 18. Although christened Mary she was known to the world by her nickname, Polly.

This choice would not only be sentimental on my part, but also a nod to the Scottish names of my other cats. It didn’t work. She refused to even consider it. Alright then.

I had to go a different way. I think I mentioned that she has 2 dewclaws on each of her front paws (the total BTW appears to be 22 toes on this kitten). They hang together off the foot at an angle – imagine a clump of cherries on a tree. They aren’t hidden and the two form a large thumb-like appendage. They make her paws look like lobster claws.

When the boats haul in their traps they have to sort through the catch and throw back females or any of the rest which are undersized. They have a name for the latter. I don’t know if it’s just something used around here – I can’t find any references online.

However, I suggested this to her and she sat up and squawked. So as strange as it might sound to you, her name is “Blink”. Fish, at least, approves. 🙂


  1. I would like to say that the kitten is too young to be making life decisions regarding her name. *grin* But I don’t want to go down that political rabbit hole. Instead I’m going to propose a compromise before you head to the vet and get it written in stone for perpetuity. Treat the kitten as if she is a pedigree puppy or purebred racehorse. Name her Nyx (brilliant choice) but call her Blink. 🙂 As you said – as she grows older she might like to don her Nyx identity periodically. 🙂

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  2. Fun post. I was also going to discuss purebred names. I used to raise and show Persians. So we had a cattery name. If our kitteh came from someone else’s cattery, that name went on the registration. Then there was a fancy name. Then there was the real name which was something like “Spot.” 🙂 So it would be “Thingamabob’s Totally Fancy Pants Name of Whoseits” = Spot. 🙂

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  3. PS. I totally also like the name Nyx but because it reminds me of nix and “no.” Any cat that is running any vertical surface inside may just hear “NO! omg NO!” a lot, thereby convincing the cat her name is really “no” 🙂

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