Random Notes From This Week

It is, thankfully, overcast this morning. It won’t last but I’m enjoying the relatively cool air while I can. In the Harbour a lot of the lobster boats are tied up for the season. Others are now being used to search for, and with any luck trap, herring in weirs or shutoffs. A few have installed pumping gear because the fish need to be taken out and then brought to the wharf to be sold.

The good news is that there are whales (including a few finbacks), lots of fish out there, and herring is being caught. Yay!

Once again this month I stupidly undertook two trips off the Island on back to back days. I don’t know why I haven’t learned – long trips in the car just wipe me out.

On Tuesday I went to Calais to get some groceries. After filling the cart I realized it was entirely dedicated to the animals – cat food (cans and dry), kitty litter, dog food, and bulk boxes of cookies and other treats. I mentioned to a woman nearby that there was nothing for me to eat. She said “well you have that bag of sugar.” I said no, that was for the hummingbirds. 🙂

The next day I took Blink to the Vet. She has gained some weight and is now up to 1.4 pounds! Unfortunately, she had a variety of issues – ear mites, 1 flea, worms, a respiratory infection, and an eye infection. We left there with half a pharmacy.

This means she’s very unhappy with me these days. Not only did I take her to be inoculated and prodded but the 6 hour trip wasn’t enjoyable and now most of our interactions involve eye drops and syringes of antibiotics.

On a positive note she is playing with the toys (and things she turns into toys) and the other animals. Even Ciaran has gotten over his fear and plays tag with the little thing. I’m sure someday she’ll get over her instinct to run when she sees me coming. 🙂

The best news is that the medicines are working. As cute as it is to hear a tiny kitten sneeze it’s not a healthy sign and she’s doing far less of that. Even better, the one eye we thought might be blind has cleared and they’re both staying open now.

Fish spent the day on one of the boats while Blink and I went to Saint George. He got to “help” move twine and was in heaven. This little dog now has two life jackets. Someday he might even wear one of them.

I mentioned before that his wardrobe includes a Thundershirt. After the lightning strike last year any loud noises such as fireworks or thunder send him into a panic. I put the shirt on him the other day (once I figured out all the flaps and velcro) and it actually worked. He just fell asleep. It’s worth a try if you have a dog with the same problem.

I’m still looking at a chore list which seems to stretch into infinity. Unfortunately I keep adding to it. 🙂 I’ll get a few small things done today before I give up and sit in front of the air conditioner. I am, after all, retired. grin

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