Should Have Stayed in Bed

I could not take a half decent photo this morning – these are the least bad. πŸ™‚ The 28-toed monster who broke my good lenses feels no shame and is currently trying to lie on the keyboard.

Plans were made for today. It was supposed to be overcast and relatively cool which meant I could get some yard work done and maybe even split firewood. However, a heat warning popped up overnight and it’s apparently going to be really ugly for the next 4 days. You can see the soup has rolled in over Cooks Point which is a good indication that the humidex really will go to 40C (104F). Yay?

I tried to get a pic of the Harbour as a backdrop for describing recent events there. Fish are being caught – in weirs so far – and they get brought there to be offloaded. The pumpers which vacuum them out of the water then disgorge them into boxes on the wharf.

Something wasn’t quite right with one of the long tubes the other night and in the morning there was the densest flock of birds I’ve ever seen and the water looked like a freshly opened can of sardines.

The smell. It was, cough, impressive. One person said “it’s the smell of money”. I’d rather have my money on dry land. πŸ™‚

The animals are doing well. Blink seems to be over her various ailments and is raising hell. Ciaran has, luckily, gotten past his fear of her and fallen in love. He really needed a friend and she is perfect for him.

The really good news (knock on wood when you read this) is that he seems to have forgotten all about spraying.

The five of them really need to get jobs though. At the very least they should volunteer to do some chores. I’m convinced that having more than the requisite number of toes should mean they could operate a vacuum. However, as usual, I’m in the minority. πŸ™‚

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