Good News (Iyi Haberler)

The air is warm and sticky, but the sun is quickly burning off the fog. It’s going to be the hottest day yet. This may or may not be good news for the incredible (to me) number of tourists on this Island.

Fish and I made it out to the Park this morning while it was still a reasonable temperature. I don’t expect to attempt anything ambitious today. πŸ™‚

Well I do have an ongoing “project” but it doesn’t involve any actual effort. I only mention it now because it might help my friends understand my shorter fuse these days. I try to assure people it’s only temporary.

So, that surgery I had a few years ago did a lot of good. One outcome though is that I take blood thinners. Now, in my previous experience if you get prescribed medication you have a fixed dose and a regular timetable. I have become convinced that Coumadin is, in fact, a dementia test. You take a different amount on different days and the dosage can be changed weekly. Google Calendar is an essential tool.

The dose will vary depending on the results of an INR blood test (how thick/thin is your blood). The intention is to try and keep it at a stable level. However. Your blood also gets thinner/thicker because of things like diet and other medications.

I get tested every couple of weeks because my results vary widely. This is primarily due to the amount of Ibuprofen I take – which for the past few years is a lot. I usually know – even without the test – that my INR is too high because my body has weird ways of telling me.

I know getting off the NSAID would be beneficial but it’s not easy. Dependency doesn’t mean addiction but there are still repercussions when you stop.

In my case this means body pain and a tendency to be grumpy. πŸ™‚ There is another side-effect I hadn’t expected. I didn’t realize that Ibuprofen causes water retention. Apparently I’ve been storing a LOT. This body has turned into a faucet. grin

Speaking of withdrawal. πŸ™‚ I tell people that what I miss most from the West Coast is the food – mostly the variety. Pity this woman who hasn’t had sushi now for 5 years!

The good news is that there is a small light on the horizon. Much work has been in process on a local restaurant called Family Fisheries. The new name is Habibi Restaurant and Lounge and they will be opening any day now. They will continue with the sit down and take-out options but what’s really exciting is the menu.

Oh there will be seafood and burgers but – and this has me salivating – there will be Shawarma and kebabs, full meals and wraps. There is a Chicken Shawarma in my near future. I am a happy woman.

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