I started to write this post yesterday morning, 5 years to the day Ahuva and I arrived on this rock after driving across Canada. Moving here is still the best thing I’ve ever done, but I’m not exactly in charge of my life. The animals prove that multiple times an hour. 🙂

A friend arrived at my door as I was in the middle of the narrative and informed me that I was heading upriver. Now! He was going to retrieve his truck in St. Stephen. The big storm was moving in so the Ferry was going to be doubtful later in the day. One woman we know was on the early sailing and trying to get back quickly so her husband wouldn’t be left alone too long with their 7! children.

The big storm did arrive with inches of rain and enough wind that the Ferry was shut down mid-day. We got a call from the crew saying that the last run would be at 12:30 – however, that left us 30 minutes to get from St. Stephen to Deer Island Point. It wasn’t going to happen.

My friend drove to his Camp for the night – Fish and I came back through Maine. The American Border personnel here are very understanding about my photocopy of a passport – it did take a little longer to satisfy the Guard in Calais. Luckily I’m in their system as a benign individual. 🙂 As usual the trip wiped me out.

Early this summer there was a handful of shags hanging around my Cove – 3 of them to be exact. They would sit on one of the random floating stakes and watch for fish. Then the number started to increase in concert with the volume of herring. There is now an overflow stake as well and they sometimes allow a few of the small mackerel gulls to join them.

We also have another visitor – an Orca (killer whale). This impressive beast arrived with a large group of white-bellied dolphins and it’s the first time in years that one has been spotted around the Island. Apparently the rest of his/her pod is further south in the Bay. Coincidentally, we haven’t seen a shark here since they showed up.

My house needs a lot of work, still I’m not worrying about the cosmetic aspects as there are more important tasks to complete. I’m going to buy a few things I need to finish up two of the insulation projects and get them completed in September. In the meantime I’m still splitting and stacking wood almost everyday. I don’t get much done at any one time but the pile is getting smaller.

The two youngest members of the household have been wrestling in the bathtub for the past hour – which reminds me. I need to order a few more litter boxes. I think the upstairs bathroom (which isn’t used by humans) can house 3 or 4 “feline toilets”. 🙂 It’s a good life, but not the one I envisioned 5 years ago. I actually thought I’d be able to sleep in occasionally. 😛


  1. Oh puh-leeeeze. You are living EXACTLY the life you imagined – and wanted. 🙂 driving trans-canada is still one of the most fun things I have ever done. FB pops up the occasionally reminder as well. Remember the fire burning the restaurant (?) the evening we arrived wherever it was before we saw the big Goose? (yes, I KNOW I could go back and get the details from my blog but I’m lazy – I’d rather just sit here smiling at the memories).

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    1. I do remember – although after that things get a bit blurry. I was brain dead by the time we arrived and still shocked that I didn’t drive off the road after taking you to Bangor. 🙂


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