Choir Practice

It’ll be hot and muggy again later however right now it’s a beautiful morning. The fog is offshore and the waters are full of glorious creatures. I have a lot of work to do but I spent a lovely hour on the breakwater talking to friends (and strangers) and enjoying the view.

One of the groups of visitors this year is familiar to me but not because I’ve seen them around here. I think they’re supposed to be in the mid-Atlantic.

It is probably hard from this image to see the black and white birds there in the water. Razorbills ffs! I’m also told there’s a group of young Puffins (not breeding, so without the colour on their beaks) up the river. They’re supposed to be way offshore as well.

This next one is a photo I took on Machias Seal Island to give you a better view. The group here look young but they’re definitely Razorbills.

I also saw porpoises, and whales, and this really great dog. Her owner said he’s traveled all over the Eastern Seaboard and you just have to set out a fishing pole and she’s fixated. Her only problem is when there’s a group of fishers (and, therefore, poles) she gets very anxious about where to be. 🙂

The man was trying to catch mackerel. Many do off the breakwater and the other night one was catching quite a few. The only problem he had was that every time he’d take one off a hook, and put in in a pail, a mink would climb up and steal it

On the home front I have to deal with two groups of animals – the crowd living with me and some campers in my garage. Blink, the kitten, is getting along fine with everybody but me. I’m still not forgiven for the eye drops and syringes of antibiotics.

It’s a good thing I don’t own any Lego – she found a box of elbow pasta one night and up-ended it. I vacuum, and sweep, and get down on the floor searching for them, but I still keep walking on them.

The wood splitting is still in progress but my stack is expanding at a very satisfactory rate. The weird part is that when I turn on the splitter there is suddenly a loud chorus of grasshoppers apparently living in the ceiling and walls of the garage. I don’t mind the musical accompaniment to my work but I do wish they knew a few different tunes.

One of my friends on the breakwater is a few years older than me. He keeps insisting I must be bored. I promised to let him know if that ever happens. 🙂

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