Typical Few Days

It was a slow start this morning, still Fish and I went to a few places and grabbed some pics. Most of these are from the Welshpool end of the Island although the last is of the shags in my Cove.

It was a nice, quiet excursion. However, as I write this a Kingfisher is yelling at Fish through the window and he’s taking exception to that.

I haven’t been very reliable for the past few days. Just ask Evelyn! We were supposed to Skype on Thursday afternoon but I got kidnapped and wound up in St. Stephen. I set a new time for yesterday but decided to make a quick trip to Lubec. Big mistake. It’s the long weekend and half of the Eastern Seaboard wanted to come to Campobello. The border was backed up. We eventually connected. šŸ™‚

It is, of course, very warm in a lot of places and, in spite of cooler mornings, we are no different. A few years ago I made my first boat trip into Harbour de Lute and I think I talked about the water temperature. It had risen over a few days from 48F to 51F (8.9C to 10.6C). The last reading shared with me recently was 63F (17.2C).

This is too warm for the herring. They aren’t coming into the shallower waters where the weirs and shutoffs are waiting for them. There are a lot of them out in the deeper areas but that doesn’t help the fishermen.

I don’t imagine things will change much in the future (the air conditioner was worth the investment). The fish will just keep looking for cooler climes and we’ll keep getting visitors from the south – lots of big tuna around this year.

I did manage to get something done yesterday – although it probably won’t seem like much it did wear me out and I’m still feeling the effects.

Those new litter boxes arrived and I decided to set up the cat bathroom upstairs. Remember I use the second floor as an (untidy, unorganized) attic. I had to move a lot of stuff (which means I found things I didn’t remember I had) and then clean. For the first time in years.

I think of the space as a gift to the cats. There are lots of things to climb on, hide under, and make into beds. However, they don’t care about good housekeeping. The vacuum got plugged repeatedly.

To be fair to me, there probably aren’t a lot of people who regularly vacuum their attics. To be fair to them, they probably don’t have a similar space with wall to wall (horrible, 70s, orange, shag) carpeting and a growing number of cats shedding in it. One of them (looking at Duff) can produce enough cast off fur to create another 10 pound animal every other day.

I set up three of the boxes in the otherwise unusable bathroom and crossed my fingers. A few hours later I could see that at least one of the beasts had explored and tested out each of them.

The fourth box will be moved from the main floor once I’m certain they won’t complain. It does mean leaving the door to the stairs open all winter, and heating that space, but it will be worth it. šŸ™‚

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