Git’er Done

Yes, I’ve been bad about posting. One reason is that I rarely get any half decent shots these days (meeting with my NP next week about new meds) but mostly I’m focused on getting some projects done now that it isn’t ridiculously hot. šŸ™‚

I even got the lawn mowed! The mower has been in sick bay for quite a while but it’s healthy again. I’ll worry about the pile of clippings once more important work is finished.

The household is doing relatively well. Unfortunately Fergus is turning into a grumpy old man – the younger generation can’t resist teasing him. sigh

I did have one tiny breakthrough. It’s not earth shattering, still it makes a difference. The cats are finally being fed on paper plates. I should have tried this a long time ago. Rinse and recycle requires a lot fewer dishwasher pods. šŸ™‚


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