When DnD Players Turn to Science

Blame the blurry trees on the wind. No, really! Fish and I went to the Park to take a few pics before Fiona arrives in the general vicinity.

The storm earlier in the week already did considerable damage to the weirs on this side of the Island which is terrible news for those fishermen. They just can’t catch a break.

It seems like the weather has ushered in Autumn as well. I lit my wood stove a few days ago to heat the house – this is the earliest I’ve done that in my time here. I also put flannel sheets on the bed. It might be a long winter.

I learned something new this week – something you probably know already. It has to do with those hurricane forecast maps.

The maps always show a fairly large amount of the earth’s surface enclosed within a cone shape. I always assumed that the storm track was in the dead center of that image and the areas to the right and left were indicating the region of probable impact.

I was wrong.

This object has a name – The Cone of Uncertainty. Now, to anybody who has even dipped a tentative toe in the gamer world, this sounds like something a Wizard would have in their inventory. It had to have been named by a Dungeon Master. Yes, I know the term is also used in Agile Project Management among other activities – that DnD game had a lot of smart players in it.

The forecast actually shows the probable track will be somewhere within that Cone. It could be in the center, or on the far left or right. The further left the more impact on us.

All indications are that the worst of Fiona will be felt east of us. We’ll get some wind and a lot of rain. Save your best wishes for those who will be most seriously affected.. šŸ™‚

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