It’s A Good Thing It’s a Mild Fall

This household has been awake since 4:30 this morning when a surprise thunderstorm rolled through. I could have ignored it if it wasn’t for the 10 pound dog having a nervous breakdown under my covers. There should be a service you can subscribe to which would give you 30 minutes notice to get your animal dressed in his thunder jacket in time to prevent the hysteria. 🙂

My excuse for not posting lately is that I have been working on the sunporch ceiling (it feels like I’ve been doing it forever). I’m certainly no expert and haven’t done a perfect job. In fact, I think we’ll just add my name to the long list of cowboy carpenters who have worked on this place. Still, it will be an improvement.

While I do my amateurish best to tackle my little task, friends have been working on much bigger projects. One replaced the motor on his fishing boat – that was huge. Then there is Ella and her house.

I told you last time about the “great move” and mentioned in a comment on that post that the phenomenon of zusammenkommen turned into a version of a barn raising once the structure was in its new location. The great horde of men who had gathered to witness the move then spent hours putting supports underneath and levelling it. One of them, who hails from somewhere around New Hampshire, mentioned that where he came from some official would be asking for permits. “Permits?” the locals asked. “What are they?”

My understanding of the house project from that point moving forward was obviously limited. I thought she was going to do very little this winter and really start tackling things next Spring. I was wrong.

Luckily my friend had finished replacing his motor because she had him take out a window and replace it with a sliding glass door, take out a door and replace it with a wall, and put in two new windows. There is an outline for two porches but they have to wait until he comes back from deer hunting.

I went over to give her some FlexSeal in case she finds leaks and discovered that – although she thought she might just take down one cupboard – she has, in fact, gutted the whole building.

I told her that once I finished my little project there would be insulation left over. She’s going to need it. I left when I heard my friend tell her that if she hit one more thing with one more hammer the ceiling was going to fall on her.

My plan is to finish putting up the new insulation today – and put it in places it should have been before but never was.

Tomorrow Fish, Ciaran, Blink and I will go to the mainland. All three of them need their nails trimmed and Blink needs her shots – also I’m looking forward to the Vet seeing how far she’s progressed since they first met her.

I hope to finish the sunporch this week. All of us are missing our view. 🙂

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