In the past week we’ve had heavy frost, a few cold mornings, and some daytime temperatures in the 60sF (18C). Next week promises more of the same and the Lobster Season begins on Tuesday. I’m sure we’re going to pay for this at some point.

Fish and I went to the big Park yesterday morning with every intention of walking a few trails, until I saw the trucks driving around. It’s hunting season and we really shouldn’t have been there. I stopped at Eagle Hill Bog for a quick few shots (no pun intended) and then headed home. We won’t go back until they stop looking for deer – neither of us have any orange in our wardrobes 🙂

I am getting closer to finishing multiple projects in the house (yes, even the sunporch). There is actually a deadline although I’ve hesitated to mention it because it opens up a whole can of worms.

If you’re not a fan of, or interested in, World Cup I suggest you just stop reading now. Nothing I’m about to say will make much sense.

On the one hand it is the largest sporting event on the planet, it is “the Beautiful Game”, it involves 32 teams who have spent years qualifying to represent their countries, it is glorious, it will last one month and include 64 matches full of heroes and brilliant play. There will be over 3 billion people watching at least some of the games. Kids around the world grow up kicking balls on grass and mud and dream of playing on this stage.

This tournament is my opportunity to go insane for one month every 4 years. I watch every match. When it was held in Japan/Korea that meant getting up at midnight and staying up til dawn – I was seriously sleep deprived by the end of it.

On the other hand (and it’s a big one) this is the single most corrupt event yet held by a corrupt international organization known for the depths of its corruption.

Consider: FIFA (Soccer’s World Governing Body) awarded this year’s World Cup to a Country (Qatar) which has never had a team in the tournament, which could not host the matches in the summer (when they are usually held) because the temperatures never fall below 100F, the bribery scandals, the limited freedoms in the Country, the deaths of migrant works paid almost nothing to build the stadiums …. well you get the idea.

There are a lot of issues. However, they are all off the pitch. Or should be.

Most of the players were kids when Qatar was awarded the tournament – and it’s not like any of the players or coaches had any say in the decision. Canada hasn’t been at World Cup since 1986, Wales 1958. They will be fulfilling a lifelong dream. The host Country is automatically entered so this will be Qatar’s first experience.

So, my internal debate centered around whether or not I would be supporting corruption if I watch the tournament. Somehow I doubt that FIFA gives a damn whether or not I watch. Really! I won’t be going there – even if I could afford it. The only sponsor I will have to stop using would be McDonalds and I can live without the occasional Big Mac (Crypto.com is not a destination on my list).

The players who have made it to the world stage – their dreams realized, their families whose support has made it happen, their joy, and their talent that makes me so happy – they will provide me with my fix of glorious insanity. Then I will make a donation to an organization supporting the families of those who lost their lives building the stadiums for the rich elite of the host Country. FIFA can go do something anatomically impossible. 🙂

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  1. As you know soccer is not a big interest of mine (although I can appreciate the replays of phenomenal and/or ludicrous action). I had no idea about Qatar and all the rest that you mentioned. Sigh. If there’s money, there’s corruption. If there are soul-less coaches, there are young players acting improperly. We probably shouldn’t look too carefully at pick-up games on the playground. 🙂 Is that doom & gloom enough? Lovely fall pictures to counter-balance the rot of professional sports. 🙂

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