The Light & Dark

So we are finally getting more than just a few flakes of snow and – because I need to prove that – I went out to take a few photos to share this and Blink’s big news. While I was on the wharf, trying to get something in focus, one of the fishermen arrived and said to a friend of mine: “When I saw her out here with that camera I figured it’s finally time to send her to the Home. Nobody in their right mind would stand in this wind just to take some pictures.”

I tried to explain but I don’t think he was impressed.

Blink was supposed to go to the Vet tomorrow and get spayed. As it turns out that would have been approximately 43 hours too late. Mother Nature’s life-cycle schedule apparently had her penciled in for yesterday afternoon. Suddenly she was crawling around on her belly chirping soliloquies with a confused expression on her face. This went on all night.

I can assure you that sleeping pills cannot withstand hormonal kittens. I opened one eye at 2:00 am to find a puzzled face millimeters from my nose begging for cat-treats (the feline equivalent of chocolate).

The rest of the animals (male) are totally bemused. At one point Fergus reached out a paw, smashed her on the head, and told her to “knock off the crazy”.

Part of the reason for rescheduling the trip was the weather. It was apparent on Windfinder that the ferry would not be running. However, the primary reason for cancelling is that I will be going to a funeral. Robert Hooper passed away last week.

Bobby was the Realtor we can all hold responsible for me living on this Island and is somebody I came to know and care for once I moved here.

He will be greatly missed by his family and friends and all of those who knew him over the years. I will be eternally grateful to him for both his kindness to me and his help in finding my forever home.

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