I couldn’t pick a title for today’s post – but I think the word Community is probably the best choice and this feels like the ideal time of year to highlight the positive aspects of that subject.

It’s a small Island and at times that has been well, let’s say a revelation. I mean a big City girl doesn’t expect everybody to know everything about her business – or to somehow know everything about everybody else’s. It’s probably not entirely true – there must be some secrets left. It just doesn’t always feel like there are.

This actually has far more upsides than down. For every occasion when you might feel like you’re living in Peyton Place (a reference only the older readers will understand) there are dozens and dozens of benefits to living surrounded by people who are neighbours not strangers.

Health is obviously a major issue. We’re lucky enough to have both a Clinic and an Ambulance Station on the Island. We know when somebody is sick, when the Paramedics are called to a house, when somebody is in the Hospital, how they’re doing, etc. There are Community Nurses who can visit patients at home but there are also friends and relatives who stay with patients just so they aren’t alone. Lawns get mown, groceries get purchased, relatives are transported to the mainland, animals are cared for, and whatever else needs to be done.

I told you I had to go to a funeral last week. That man, and another woman on the Island, are two of the lastest cases of cancer here on the Island. The previous week a fundraising potluck supper was held for their families. This happens every time somebody here is stricken. It doesn’t matter who is feuding with whom (and there are frequent feuds), the Island turns out and supports their loved ones.

One of the reasons everybody knows a lot about my business is that I live on (what for this Island) is a major road. So, they can see what I’m up to. I had a cord of wood delivered this week on 3 pallets. The big wind and rain storm is hitting us today which means I had to get that wood into the garage before it arrived. In my younger days that would be no problem to do in a few hours – those days are passed. Still I wasn’t doing too badly. 🙂 Everybody was obviously tracking my progress.

Yesterday morning, early, there was a loud noise outside and a friend arrived driving his tractor. He proceeded to lift each of the pallets and put them directly into my garage. He said it took him longer to drive down the Island than it did to move them. 🙂

Since people all knew where I got the wood (the truck does have the logo on the side and we all know Jason the driver) they also knew how much I paid. They also know I’m one of those proverbial pensioners. This put me on THE LIST.

It’s Christmas and, to make sure that no household goes without, the people here provide the makings for a turkey dinner to any family that might not be able to afford to do it themselves. Volunteers drive around the Island and deliver everything needed to make a feast. A truck pulled into my driveway yesterday with one of those deliveries. I was very touched.

I was also able to return the favour – in a way. My cats are very picky when it comes to the food they’ll eat (the brats). So I gave the driver 3 cases of cat food cans for the 21 strays he and his wife feed.

Then 2 more turkey feasts were delivered to my house. Wires were crossed somewhere or else they were including a friend of mine and just thought I would do all the cooking. Because there are no secrets in a Community, we passed 2 feasts onto households we knew would appreciate them. I do love this place. 🙂


  1. I love your stories, and this one demonstrates what community should be like. I am glad to know there are still places that are like that, too many now are not. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas season!

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  2. Agree with the above comments. Was going to type nearly the same, and will! I really enjoy your “slice of life living on small island” stories. This one was so perfect for the season, too. Kinda just warms my old cranky misanthropic heart. 🙂 ♥

    Happy Holidays!

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