One way I keep track of the progress of the winter storms is to see how high the ice coats the bush at the corner of the house. It’s covering the bottom 3 feet at the moment. This will change over the next day or so – we’re expecting 2 inches of rain.

In the meantime the mixture of rain/snow/freeze has left lots of snow and ice. The main roads have been well maintained by the Highways Crew and two friends have plowed my driveway multiple times – one with his truck and one with his 4-wheeler. Still things are going to get very messy.

As you can tell by this image my canine pals don’t let the weather stop them from frequent visits. They have certain expectations and if I don’t come to the door within a short period of time they can get quite vocal (my deafness means there is a lot of “vocal” these days). I may have to get them a bell.

Another friend had to go to St. Stephen yesterday and offered to pick up the treats these dogs expect from me. This was a huge relief because now I don’t have to make that trip in the middle of a major storm. In addition, I don’t have to try and explain the empty shelves to these guys. 🙂

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