We Knew

We’ve been saying for months that we would pay for our relatively warm winter and it’s time. The forecast for this coming weekend is “bitterly cold” – and that doesn’t even take into account the wind chill. Yay? It’s bad enough today that I’m not going out to take photos and Fish has to start wearing his winter wardrobe whether he wants to or not (definitely not).

I’ll spend today doing outdoor things like taking out the trash and then bring in a lot of firewood so that, with any luck, I can stay inside until things change. Fish can give me updates from his outdoor excursions. 🙂

A unsettling event happened yesterday to the crew of a boat fishing up near Saint John when they discovered a human leg. This news traveled very quickly around the fleet. They had to go inshore to meet with the RCMP and it was determined that the person had an artificial hip. There are theories that it will relate to a woman missing from November (assumed to be an accidental fall). I hope it gives the family some peace.

On a lighter note, Blink has figured out how to unroll the toilet paper directly into the toilet – thereby not only emptying the roll but filling the bowl with a mass of soaking wet paper I have to remove. She’s very proud of this. Some people have cats making them a fortune on Tik Tok – I have a baby terrorist. sigh


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