Lost & Found

Sunrise on an outhouse. πŸ™‚ Today’s images are even more random than usual. They include the last remnants of some scallop shocking on a boat switching over to lobsters – that season starts in a couple of weeks. Dealing with fishing gear is an ongoing job and not just the stuff that is being used in the current season.

I wound up taking two trips to the Mainland this past week – the first on Monday to have the two youngest get their manicures. It’s a good thing we went that day because another storm came through on Tuesday and Wednesday with big winds and blinding snow.

When I lived on the West Coast you would monitor the weather by how well you could see the mountains – here I watch Eastport disappear, then the lighthouse, then Cooks Point, then the street in front of me. At the point when there was nothing visible but blowing snow I got a phone call asking me if I saw a dory going by. ?!? I explained that a giant cruise ship could have sailed past and I wouldn’t have seen it.

A fisherman’s dory had broken free in Harbour de Lute and, given the prevailing wind, probably headed off my cove. There was no way to track it in that weather – although he tried.

The next morning he tried again and this time, with the aid of binoculars, he found it on a beach on Deer Island. Several other fishermen have mentioned that they think he must have a horseshoe in an uncomfortable location on his body. Given the tides and ongoing wind everybody expected it to continue its journey to Eastport.

A rescue operation was mounted in what was still very unsettled weather. This involved a fishing boat, 4 men, and a large outboard. They got a lucky break in the weather and manage to retrieve the wandering delinquent. It was towed to Jacksons Breakwater and is now stored far inland. Fishing would be so much easier if all you had to do was catch fish. πŸ™‚


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