What Homer Left Out of the Odyssey

It’s a good thing I took a few photos earlier in the week because today started with thick, soupy fog. You’ll see from some of them that new growth has started and (in one) that the firewood has arrived. My relief at the last part is enormous – next winter’s heat is sorted even if the budget is stretched to breaking in May. I’ll actually save up for next year’s load. 🙂

Cleaning out the garage and getting the wood stacked inside will be the primary task for the next few weeks. Well that and I’ll have to start mowing the lawn.

The herons are back, the ducks and geese have nests, the eagles are everywhere, and the male mosquitoes have arrived (blast them). Sightings of hummingbirds have been reported in Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia so my feeders are out. I guess Spring is almost here.

On a personal note, I had a revelation recently. If you’ve read this blog before you know I can sometimes go off on weird tangents so brace yourselves. I don’t know if they still cover Homer’s Odyssey in school these days – specifically the story about Ulysses and the Sirens. Short version: He plugged his crew’s ears and tied himself to the mast so the Sirens’ song wouldn’t tempt them to sink their boat on the rocks.

For the past few weeks a friend has been coming over to watch TV at my place. He likes hunting videos – I don’t. However, since he falls asleep fairly quickly I put up with them and then turn to something else. This means I’ve seen numerous attempts to attract male moose and deer by using the calls of females looking for mates. The approach is very effective.

I’ve concluded that the male of every species can be lured to his doom by appealing to his lower brain. I also decided that, while Homer gave the distinct impression the Sirens had some otherworldly power to render men helpless, they were actually just singing “Hey boys, we’re sunbathing topless over here!”. 🙂

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