Yes, it’s been a while. I’m still here and nothing disastrous has occurred. There was (is) one tiny little hiccup however. I know I’ve whined in the past about my strange body chemistry and the fact I seem to over-react to medication and/or acquire rare side-effects of drugs which don’t bother anybody else. Well, a number of weeks ago a new pill was added to my daily routine.

There are no known interactions between it and the one I take to calm my hands but – day one it was like a switch was turned on and my hands went crazy. Seriously out of control.

I quit taking it after only a couple of days but the effects lingered long after it should have been out of my system. It was like the Topamax (which had been doing a good job with my hands) had just given up. After a few weeks I went to see Chris and we did a trip down some rabbit holes to discover that one of the very rare side effects of that new med was (drum roll) parkinsonian symptoms. Well sh*t. It grabbed my hand tremor and went nuts.

I went off the Topamax and gave my system time to forget it had ever been taking that pill and am gradually getting back on. The hope is that it will start working again. In the meantime I have virtually no fine motor skills. This post is taking me hours to type as my hands literally dance across the keys. πŸ™‚

In the meantime I can (and have been) splitting kindling, stacking next year’s firewood, mowing the lawn, etc. The only thing I attempt which is problematic involves feeding the hummingbirds. It’s a major topic of conversation on the Island – the behaviour of these birds this year. We expect high numbers of them in July and at the end of the season but, for some reason they are coming 8 and 10 at a time to everybody’s feeder now. It’s very strange.

It is also causing concern for my youngest cat. This is Blink’s first experience with birds travelling at the speed of bullets outside the windows. She tries chasing them and there are so many she doesn’t get a rest. I’d say anxiety medication might be a good idea but with my luck she’d suffer from a rare side-effect and turn into a goat. πŸ™‚

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  1. love the photos! so frustrated – good friends of ours were up in Maine this past week visiting their daughter. they went to Campobello!!!! if i’d only known – could have sent care packages. glad to see that you had at least enough control to attempt this post. i know it’s been miserable for you. with any good luck the topamax will remember what it’s supposed to do.

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