Time for a Book


I haven’t shared a sunset for a while, so here’s one from the other night. 🙂

It’s currently raining, which is melting the ice and snow … but … we’re promised a flash freeze to begin in a couple of hours.

So I’ve been to the store and I’ve brought in lots of firewood. Now I’ll sit in front of said fire and read a book.

I’m learning from Fergus. I don’t have to accomplish stuff everyday.


It’s Not All Grey


I realized that if I kept just taking photos of ice/snow/sea fog you’re going to think I’m living in a monochrome world.

It’s currently almost 10C (50 F), and tonight’s the next deep freeze, so I went for a quick trip to the Harbour.


The lobster and scallop seasons are over for the time being and the area was very quiet; a few people doing maintenance and Winston walking his dog.

I’m hoping this means at least one of my projects will get underway very soon. 🙂


There are days when I don’t want to learn anything and I really don’t want to assemble anything. Today, though, I was productive.

I opened my new set of socket wrenches and made them work for me (there was a brief period of argument, but I won). I don’t know why somebody thought 4 bolts were needed to attach 1/2 oz of hardware onto each of the window frames, but there you are. They’re all off now.


I’m not working as hard as the man in the next photo. You can see people foraging at low tide for a delicacy they really like.

It’s not an activity for me to be honest. But then I don’t really feel like having whelks for dinner. 🙂



Beyond Mirroring

DrainageIce1 - Copy

This is not a photo of snow. 🙂  This is water forced out of the frozen ground onto the seabed at low tide and then turned to ice.

The other two images in this post are of ice on the driveway the morning after I salted the dry pavement. sigh Michael doesn’t know it yet but he’s going to help me put in a French Drain the full width of the yard. This should dramatically reduce the amount of rainwater and melting ice/snow in the basement as well.

However, although I’m obsessed with rivers of ice appearing out of nowhere overnight, that’s not actually the focus of this post.


I told you that I had managed to mirror my tablet onto my television and it works fine. The downside is that I can’t multitask without stopping the program I’m watching and, of course, you can’t get full screen images because of the different aspect ratios.

So, today I added the TV to the wireless network directly. Score! I have everything I could mirror off the tablet, and I have it full screen, and I can multitask.

It’s now worth getting Netflix – particularly since Altered Carbon starts next week. It’s also another subtle way for me to silently tell Bell Satellite TV what they can do with their *cough* service. 🙂

DrainageIce2 - Copy



I actually had a pretty good idea how my day was going to go when I went to Maine this morning to get gas.

The Border Computer will occasionally pick out a vehicle to be searched and today was my day.  Timing.


I took a number of photos of an eagle (as well as these gulls) this morning. He flies around the house most days and I had every intention of getting shots of him for you.

Unfortunately he arrived when I was testing out a variety of lens filters. I don’t think the diffuser shows his best features. Timing. Sigh.


Nature is a Fascinating B*tch

Crampons1 - Copy

Before the latest freeze I made sure that the driveway was dry and, if not dry, was well coated in salt. So why is it covered in a layer of ice up to 3 inches thick?

It’s cold today, but tomorrow it’s going to rain. A lot. All of that water and all of the melting ice/snow will wind up in the basement.

Project Drainage won’t  happen for a few months.

In the meantime, there’s a very good reason why I wear ice crampons.

Crampons2 - Copy

Some Local Colour


Jamie was perkier than she’d been for a long time so I thought we’d go to the beach. She really doesn’t like it there. I gave in and we left after only a few minutes.

Instead we went into Wilsons Beach and wandered around for a while. I notice they have storm sewers in town. I don’t. We’re about to get more rain and all of it and the melting snow/ice will travel to the basement. I need to talk to Michael about my own personal storm sewer.


The other day I thought I saw a whale in the water off of my place. I know it’s the wrong season but … I checked with Deb … who went down to the Harbour and got confirmation that one Minke and a few Harbour Porpoises have stuck around for the winter. So I haven’t lost my mind quite yet. 🙂