I’m Becoming Very Laid Back


I made it down to the harbour this afternoon, but at apparently the wrong time because all the boats were out.

So, I headed up to the lighthouse and took a few photos across from there. If I ever make it during low tide I’ll walk over and show you what it looks like up close. 🙂


I ran into one of my neighbours nearby. He’s ex DFO but not tired of the water obviously – he was taking his own pics while his dog waited patiently next to him.

We agreed that this is the perfect place to live. Also it’s a great location to be peculiar – I have ambitions to achieve that.


You can see that I played around a bit with the zoom lens. I also practiced with the tripod – there’s a strong compulsion to pick the whole thing up and ignore the need to hold still or level.

I’m going to try and upload the full size of these ( and maybe other) images to Flickr – if it works I’ll put a link in this post and add it to the sidebar. Update: OK there’s a link to the Flickr account at the top of this page, on the right, next to the “About” button. It takes a very very long time to upload the images on this slow internet connection but I’ll try to do some frequently.


I got a few tiny chores done today – emphasis on the tiny. But you know it’s important to take the dog to the beach. It’s also about time I explored this place and meeting with the neighbours is a good, social thing to do.

Taking pics of the gulls chasing the boats is just fun. 🙂


What the Wind Blew In


I took a break from the vacuum to get a high res shot of this poor frozen fisherman out front of my place. With any luck it looks like a better photo. 🙂

The wind is so bad today the lobster guys didn’t go out. This resulted in some significant benefits as far as I was concerned.

Sheldon, Stanley, and Bryce came over with another cord of wood … which they stacked in the garage.

Then Stanley and I decided that we’re going to do a lot of “replumbing” in the near future, but first he fixed the toilet. (Yay!)

They saw me wandering around outside with a wind meter (I know we’re getting higher winds than the Weather Network is admitting, I just need a way to measure them). I was deciding where to install it. It’s not supposed to have anything higher than it within about 50 feet. I finally figured that the garage would be good enough and was pulling out the ladder when Stanley asked why I didn’t put it on the roof of the house.

Seriously? How long has he known me?

“I am not going onto the roof. I don’t do roofs.” I replied.

“Fine,” he said, “I’ll do it.”

It’s another good day on the island. 🙂

Less Fun, More Work


My plan was to go down to the harbour this afternoon and play with the camera, however I looked around the house and realized I have a lot of cleaning to do. There is also more wallpaper border in the living room to remove before I can prep for painting in advance of the sofa arriving.

In addition, I have a bunch of shelves that need to be installed in the laundry/mud room and I should do more painting there first. I’m going to try and earn a trip to the harbour by doing chores first. 🙂

Miscellaneous bits & pieces:

I was gifted with two more cooked lobster the other day. When I was breaking them out of their shells there was a sudden rush of cats from the other end of the house. Two cats who have never eaten fish and never been interested in people food. I had to physically remove them from the counter – apparently lobster speaks to them.

Michael came back and we measured the lot again. He wanted to make sure we got it right because according to the Province’s record my property includes what is currently the road I’m on and half of the main Provincial highway (which sounds much grander than it is – think of a narrow two lane road that circles the island).


This is what happens when your land title reads like directions to a farm – 160 ft from the school and just south of old man Alexander’s place – there is of course no school nearby now and old man Alexander is long gone.

I told him to include a note that I am looking forward to their offer of compensation. In the meantime I think a tasteful toll booth in the intersection is the way to go.

As an update on the Lobster fishing – they have been bringing in good catches, but I’m told that the weather is so bad on the water that some fishermen are leaving the boats.

I’ve seen videos Stanley made on his phone and that wind is scary.

The season starts the same day as American elections – second tuesday in November. This year that meant the latest it could possibly be – the 14th – and then it was delayed another day. Earlier starts get historically smoother seas for the initial stages.

I’ll just stay on land and try to get some shots – once the vacuuming is done.


The Difference a Proverbial Day Makes


As of yesterday, I’ve been here 3 months. I was looking at the calendar and feeling very good about that in spite of a really annoying sound in the background. My toilet was running.

It shouldn’t be running – Stanley replaced the key parts for me and everything was working well up until yesterday.

Understand there are two things I would rather not deal with personally – electricity and plumbing. However, a running toilet does tend to steal water from the well that could be used elsewhere.

I can’t call my guys because they’re out trapping lobsters. The one full-time plumber I know about on the island has just taken a full-time job doing something else.

I was using the interwebs to track down the manufacturer of the replacement parts, to see if they could tell me what to tune to stop the water waste, when there was an explosion of air through the toilet in question.

I’ve decided that wells get indigestion because they periodically burp.

Unfortunately, after that major belch the water stopped running. Not just in the toilet – throughout the house.


I went down into the cellar (my least favourite place) and did the reset lever process which brought my water back. For about 5 minutes.

I did it a few more times with the same result.

I went and got Deb and she did it with the same result.

Remember I can’t call a plumber unless I try to find one in Maine or on the New Brunswick mainland. At least I haven’t found anybody yet who knows one on the island who would be available before the end of Lobster Fishing Season.

I finally gave up for the day (luckily I have a large emergency supply of 4 litre bottles of water). But I was really pissed off at being so helpless.

So I tackled an electricity job I had sitting there and rewired a plug. Successfully I might add. This would seem minor to those of you who don’t mind playing with wires – it was a big deal to me.

This morning I went back downstairs and pushed the lever again. That was an hour ago and, if I listen very carefully, I can hear the toilet running.



Watching Them Go By


The weather has taken a turn for the worse – even the ducks look miserable out there.

I saw two big semi-trailers, decorated with the names of lobster wholesalers, heading for the harbour. This tells me the boats made it in with their catches overnight – I’ll wait for clearer skies before I try meeting them at 1 in the morning.

I may like adventures but I never claimed to be hardy. 🙂

I Saw the Ships


I got up at 4 and headed out about an hour later to a thin strip of island that pokes out into the water and hosts the big lighthouse at its tip. There is a small stretch of that narrow two-lane road which gives you a perfect view of the fishing fleet as it exits the harbour to mark the start of the lobster fishing season.

I wasn’t alone – there were trucks and cars lined up and down this little section of that road. They contained ex-fishermen and family members watching the boats leave. And me, the interested onlooker.

It was magical. It was also freezing, but it was worth it.

The absolute darkness was broken only by the lights on the boats. A truck behind me flashed a blue light – the signal announcing that the season was officially on – and the boats did a very graceful ballet out towards the open water.


I’d show you this – after all, that’s why I prepared all the settings and took the camera with its tripod on that cold morning journey. However …. I forgot to charge the battery.

One of the fishermen called me later to see if I’d made it. I told him, and I’m telling you, that I’ll go down to the harbour a few times and try to get shots of the boats and the men working them. Unfortunately, they arrive back with their traps about 1 am. I should be able to do that at least once.

I went out after the battery had charged (sigh) and got this one shot of a boat heading back to retrieve its traps.

Just pretend it’s dozens of boats and it’s dark and the lights are bright and reflecting on the water. Oh, and it’s cold!



Moving Targets


I’m back to using the phone today for this quick post. I went up to the big Lighthouse to scout out locations for me tomorrow morning – I still want to try and take photos of the fleet heading out to sea.

Then I took Jamie to the beach – it’s been much too cold to go for the past few days. She wore her light sweater this time (she has a new, heavier one for later in the season).  🙂

The biggest reason for the -15 temperatures has been the wind chill (coupled with some air from the arctic of course). The winds are causing another kind of problem as well.


The whole island has been gearing up for tomorrow morning – the energy here is palpable and the focused look on the faces of fishermen finally moving their traps to the harbour is easily read. Think of a large train hurtling down the tracks towards one final destination.

Almost every conversation includes the words “til I go fishing” – and it’s understood that no projects will take place between Nov. 14 and Christmas. They’ll be trapping lobsters 7 days a week.

Except for the wind. The fishermen on this island could go out even with the severe winds forecast. However, the ones on Grand Manan (big island south of here) could not. The latter are not interested in a fishing season where our guys get a few extra days (understandably).

A conference call is taking place about now. We’ll know later today. It’ll be like Lucy pulling the football.