Yesterday we had a series of rain/snow squalls. This made Fish very happy – along with the snow on the ground from the storm overnight.

Somehow I managed to sleep through the high winds and storm surge. The results were very obvious – it must have been very exciting around midnight on Thursday.


Roads and wharves had seaweed/rocks/stray bits of plastic/and logs decoratively (cough) displayed across them. Weir stakes, which had been in tidy piles, are now everywhere. It’s going to take some work to gather them back up.

The good news is that the roads were cleared off yesterday. There are still broken trees and piles of junk in yards.


Cliff sides and pond edges show some erosion. The piles of mud here and there are visible – the soil washed into the ponds and Bay obviously aren’t, but their tracks are evidence of some serious high water.

On a different note, I spent part of this morning on the phone with Canadian Tire in St. Stephen. They had a really good deal on something I know I need. They only had one of them. Given current restrictions, they arrange to load whatever you buy curbside so there isn’t a lot of interaction.


She asked me what time I was going to be there to pick it up. um “Well,” I said, “that’s a good question. I live on Campobello.” (she just laughed) As soon as I have a legitimate essential reason to drive through Maine I’ll go pick up my new toy. I’m going to call her Betsy.

The sun is out. My freezer has fewer items in it. My pantry shelves are less crowded. The Island is a little smaller today and my bank account is now gasping. But all in all, it’s a good day. šŸ™‚


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