Shy Ducks


You can see we had some frost overnight and tomorrow we’re supposed to get big winds and heavy snow..but at 9:00 am I had done my chores and it was almost 50F, so I thought I’d go down to the water and get a photo of my ducks.


They spend all day, almost every day, in all kinds of weather, out front of my place and I’ve never managed to get a good shot of them.

I found a perfect spot, and lined up a fabulous portrait, but when I took the shot …


I’m sure it was a coincidence that they decided to go somewhere else at that precise moment.

Luckily for me they didn’t go too far. It was a matter of small adjustments to line up a new shot …


I’m going to start taking it personally.

Just so the trip wasn’t wasted, allow me to suggest that you not open this door if somebody knocks at low tide. 🙂



  1. When I was about eleven, we went for a family holiday on the Norfolk Broads. I decided to take pictures of that wonderful moment when a duck lifts off the water into flight. And I took to my mission with enthusiasm.

    These were the days when we used real film, and even before the days of one hour photoservice, when films had to be taken into the chemist to be developed, and you received your photos a week later.

    It was an expensive process.

    I took a LOT of pictures.

    When they came back, every single one of them showed either ducks sitting placidly on a stretch of water, or a stretch of water sans ducks. If I was VERY lucky, there was a ripple on the water.

    My mother, who paid for the processing, was not amused.

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