When I Grow Up I Want to be Like My Dog


I don’t have a photo of the event – it was 2 in the morning and I didn’t have my camera with me, but you’ve all seen Jamie in various blog posts.

She’s small. She’s 15. She has dementia.

She doesn’t make any noise. She just stands in front of me and stares until I magically divine what it is she wants. Sometimes I’m even right.

She doesn’t do the whole “sundowning” thing as much any more (endless pacing in particular), so I think the Neutricks supplement does at least some good. Maybe if I’d started her on it earlier … or maybe I’m just imagining any improvement.


Anyway … she has a lot of trouble standing up. Particularly in our wind and on our uneven ground. She doesn’t have far to fall, and she’s completely relaxed, so she hasn’t gotten injured.

The other night I had her outside to pee and she fell, and then she rolled, and wound up on her back.

If this had been me I would have spent 20 minutes maneuvering onto my front and propping myself up on my hands and knees.

Jamie just got this really pissed off expression on her face, kicked out one hind leg and flipped over upright onto her 4 legs again.

She’s a total bad ass. 🙂


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