The Persistence of Ignorance


One of the fun things about moving to a new area is learning about the world you now inhabit. One of the challenging things about moving to a new area is that your ignorance persists.

There is always some new subject and you start all over again at kindergarten level having to learn what you want to know.


I was a little later on my walk this morning and the small birds stayed a fair distance from me. I don’t know what most of them are anyway. 🙂

There was a new bird call though. Something I’ve never heard before coming from an area of woodland. I was tempted to follow the sound, but then I remembered what happens to the unwary who wander into dark woods. Baba Yaga may not live here but I’m not taking any chances.


I was taunted by a flicker or woodpecker for most of my walk. He kept moving up along my route though I never did see him. I know he sounded like he was right next to me but was probably 50 feet away.

I also got scolded by either a squirrel or chipmunk. They have the cutest rodents here – tiny little things with great big attitudes.


I’ll figure it all out eventually and I have lots of help from the people here. Well usually anyway.

Last fall I found myself in a scene from The Birds with a large flock dancing around my house. People stopped in the street to watch. My friend Deb was there watching as well. When I asked WTF was going on she just shrugged. This wasn’t something she (or anybody else we asked) had ever seen before.

Maybe it was an omen. Maybe ignorance is a good thing.


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