Paperwork of a Sort


A couple of recent shots just thrown in for this post. The top of the Mulholland Point Lighthouse (more on that in a future episode) is first. Note that the overcast sky is pretty much the same colour as the background on this blog. 🙂

Also a photo of the cliffs in my cove in the morning light and a pic of just a small portion of the meeting that happened in front of my house yesterday. I’m sure it’s nothing to be concerned about. Really!

I spent much of the past couple of days calculating square footage of both insulation and dry wall requirements.


I got a little grumpy doing them because Barbie’s voice kept whispering in my ear “Math is hard!” to which I had to keep replying “F*ck Off!”.

The good news is that there are so many windows and doors that the project will not bankrupt me. Always a relief.

The bad news is that building supply websites do not make it easy to compare materials and costs and R values. I wasn’t going to order it online anyway, but I can already tell that trip to Kents will be frustrating. Worth it in the end though. 🙂

† In fact she actually said “Math class is tough!” but we all remember it as I kept hearing it.


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