Here We Go

island in fog

This was the scene after a thunderstorm the other evening. The sky went grey and fog obscured Eastport.

We’d had lots of lightning and thunder which was accompanied by the little weather guy in my tablet & phone shouting a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or Watch (he couldn’t decide) every few minutes for hours.

The cats were not amused.

brown copy

Things have cleared up so much I headed to the bog yesterday for a brief visit. There’s no good shot of a Pitcher Plant for you yet. It will happen eventually.

You’ll notice the next photo, though, is of a beautiful wild orchid I encountered. The last shows you some of the things that grow in my lawn when it isn’t mowed.

I had to get back to do some preparatory work for today’s trip upriver. The intention is to buy everything we need in terms of insulation/drywall/tape/mud/ceiling panels/etc. I’m also going to get a new fixture for the kitchen – I’ve had it with fluorescent tubes.

wild orchid

I didn’t want to jinx anything so I haven’t mentioned that my next scheduled trip to Seal Island is tomorrow. After the June date was cancelled I’m trying to be careful.

There were no real concerns about it until Hurricane Chris decided to visit the east coast and target the Maritimes. The projected storm track has been moving further and further east this week and doesn’t look like it’s going to affect us at all.

So maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to see some puffins and razorbills. 🙂


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