Morning Breath


There were a lot of jumping fish in the cove this morning – the herring are back. (Note: there’s some sort of logic to their comings and goings involving tides and moons and whales – but I can’t explain it.)

I know the whales herd them as they give chase, so I went out to Lighthouse Point to see what was going on.

You might think the whales would follow the herring into the various coves, but the nets and the fish weirs are dangerous for them. By and large they stay outside the entrance to the sanctuaries the fish have sought.


One whale got stuck in a weir last week and some fishermen had to rescue it. Not an easy job – they don’t exactly cooperate. The operation was, however, a success.

I didn’t see much of the whales today – there were two or three out there. They had me running back and forth, from one side of the Point to the other, following the sounds of their blowing.

It was a lot like trying to take a photo of lightning. I know where it was – because of the thunder – but not where it’s likely to be next.


One thing I have learned, due to the encounters of others, is that getting too close to the blow is a bad idea. The water that is expelled stinks. It’s not, I have been convinced, anything you want to experience first hand.

So,I have no great whale photos for you – but this place is so pretty I really don’t care. 🙂


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