The weather forecaster tweeted that, in addition to what we had overnight, we should expect 2 inches of rain today.

He also posted that the wind would be strong enough tonight that the clocks might stop instead of turning back. Ha Ha Like we don’t have enough wind now (see next pic) sigh

These are horrible shots – but I was handicapped by the elements. 🙂 I really didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about the blog – it’s just that sometimes I need to seize the small windows available for activities such as laundry.


I’ve been deliberately driving around this willow tree for months (blame the blur on the wind) to create a new driveway. This has been more successful than I’d hoped – until yesterday. The downside of huge amounts of rain and really mild temperatures is the resulting mud. I need the yard to freeze or the car is going to get horribly stuck.

I asked this guy if I should drive upriver today, but he was remarkably unhelpful. He has a cute butt though. 🙂


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