This is probably the most tourist brochure-type photo I’ve ever taken – apart from cutting off the top of the lighthouse which no self-respecting brochure would do. 🙂

It was a nice day so I decided to explore the Quoddy State Park which is just south of Lubec. Honestly, I really should have visited here long before this. In fact, there are a lot of places within a 50 mile radius I need to investigate. At least this is a start.


I only did one of the trails – the one which goes up over a hill. This would not have been possible for me a few months ago. Actually it wouldn’t have been possible a year ago, so I’m making progress.

I only met a couple of fellow visitors while doing the short hike – it was Maine Day so all the State Parks were free to residents. As a non-resident senior my cost was a whopping $1. I searched through the bucket of change that’s accumulated in my car to find enough American coins to afford the entrance fee.


The forest is lush, carpeted in white flowers and lots of new growth. The trails are wide and well maintained. This path takes you to the top of a cliff where you can look north towards Lubec and Campobello. The park advertises two special reasons for visiting – one is that you can see Canada. This is quite true, although I’d argue you can only see a tiny bit of it.

There was some sense of risk on this particular route – maybe people impulsively dive through the foliage to see the views. I’d recommend against that.


As I mentioned there are a lot of “destinations” in Coastal Maine I haven’t visited and I’ll try and get to at least some of them this summer. I keep driving by on my way up and down river – it’s time I stopped occasionally.

I think I once told you that Lubec is the Eastern-most town on the US mainland. That qualifier I added isn’t used in local descriptions.


The second reason advertised for visiting this State Park (apart from nature and all that stuff) is that it is the Eastern-most Point in America.

My geography is not world class, but I could swear Puerto Rico (at least a good bit of it) is east of here. In my mind, therefore, I edited this next landmark. If I’m wrong I apologize to all those from the US Geographical Survey and local residents. 🙂 I did enjoy my visit and plan to return – my legs need more of the workout that hill gave me.





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