When it Hits Home


Life goes on normally for the most part around the Island. Oh more hand sanitizer is used when I pump gas or visit a store, but there isn’t much as yet which reflects the world situation.

Last night the Provincial Government announced that all schools are closing for two weeks. I’m sure the kids around here will use this opportunity to get a head start on the reading they will need to do. (Ha Ha)


There is worry about the border being closed and the impact that would have on our little rock. Most of the dire predictions center around an American reaction to any cases appearing here. It is, I suppose, possible that they would decide to shut down the bridge connecting us to Maine.

Our grocery store is closing at the end of the month, we have no gas station, and no ferry to the mainland. Shutting off access to the US shuts us off from the rest of Canada. Maybe fishing boats could become taxis.

I wonder if we could create a quasi Uber app on a contingency basis. 🙂


There is a definite absence of panic though – in some cases (as I’ve mentioned) a conviction exists that this is all overblown and people are over-reacting. I know this would change if they were personally affected.

All those talking heads on places like Faux News (where some residents get their information) would be less dismissive if the virus targeted fake blonde 40-somethings trying to look like 20-somethings.

I, of course, am entirely sane and sensible. I understand the difference between the flu and viral pneumonia and its seriousness. My innate ability to remain calm and clear-headed means I appreciate necessary precautions and take them. However, I don’t consider hoarding to be in that category. 


There are people who can’t get the medicine or supplies they need because selfish people take them all “just in case”. Masks, and cold medicine, and canned food make some sense I guess if you don’t think about your neighbours. But seriously, toilet paper? Trump said yesterday this pandemic will “pass through”. Perhaps people take that literally.

No need for me to panic though – I checked my cupboard and I’m fine.

At least I was until I saw a Twitter friend post that she’d gone to the store and There Was No Cat Food on the shelves. Wait. What? Somebody else will have to tell Fergus and Duff that the virus is invading their lives. I don’t think there’s enough hand sanitizer on the east coast to protect me from that.



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