Still Standing

Yes I’m still waiting on the fix for my computer … or at least what I think will be the fix. Should just be a couple more weeks.

Things are pretty quiet around here as there no tourists or American summer residents. Some Canadians may get here if the ferry runs. It’s supposed to start next week, but there’s no guarantee how long our population will sustain it.

I’ve been getting reacquainted with the riding mower and cleaning up the yard. Once more firewood arrives I’ll get back to splitting and stacking.

One small triumph concerns the well pump filter. I finally put together a tool that makes it possible for me to change it myself. This is huge for me because sitting at the bottom of a hill means silt is a consistent problem. No more.

The wildlife is enjoying the relative quiet. We have a major influx of Eider ducks, baby beaver and geese and red cardinals are out exploring, and the humming birds are so laid back they’re even sharing feeders.

Moose have decided to take up golf. They aren’t very good at it though … their game seems to primarily involve messing around in bunkers at night.

I have been taking photos when possible. We’ll find out next month if any turn out. 😉


  1. Have missed hearing you! Sadly I cancelled my August trip to Lubec and Campobello because I felt flying would be too risky. Best Susan in TX.

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  2. LOVE that top picture! 🙂 Congratulations on the pump filter success. The border is not open – does that also mean air traffic has been stopped? Or can I enter the country that way? Does Canada have a 2-week quarantine period for folks flying in? such interesting times.


    1. Tourists still aren’t permitted I understand. And yes quarantine is mandated although it’s applying to Canadians coming home cause you troublemakers aren’t supposed to come lol


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