Spring Mysteries

I know it’s Spring because I don’t feel the need to light the stove in the morning (the cats and dog have a different preference). I also know that time of year has finally arrived because I can’t put off mowing the lawn any more. sigh

One of these days the riding mower is going to tip over and they’ll find me underneath it. Somebody else can finish the job. 🙂

There are a few mysteries to deal with this year, one of which I’ve solved and (mostly) dealt with.

I often have a friend in the car when I’m driving around taking pics. If he sees something on his side of the car he’ll grab the camera and take some shots. That’s fine – he’s helping. 🙂

Lately I’ve notice that the photos I’m getting are not what I think they should be in terms of quality. I mean it’s hard enough trying to capture an image of those ospreys while aiming up into the sky without extraneous noise and other focus issues. The ones from a week or so ago should have been better. Still not great but better.

I was watching my friend the other day when he grabbed the camera and realized his thumb was on the menu button. He’s been accidentally scrolling through and changing the camera settings. Having the ISO at 6400 instead of 200 does not lend itself to good bird portraits. I’m still trying to find the other changes that have been made.

A number of this year’s mysteries are centered in the bird world. The hummingbirds are back and very active, which is great for cat tv. The other usual suspects are returning as well; cardinals, jays, etc.

The eagles are active, but what’s unusual is the number of them. I don’t know why but the population has exploded and they’re everywhere. This has provided the neighbourhood with at least one benefit.

A few weeks ago (we assume) dogs chased a young buck off of Cooks Point and the poor dead thing washed ashore not far from my place. The eagles feasted on that carcass and fairly quickly cleaned the bones. This means I didn’t have to look at it or smell the decay. I just had to keep Fish from becoming their dessert.

Another bird has arrived in larger than usual numbers – the ground swallows. It has apparently been years since people had to worry about nests on their houses and dive-bombing avian missiles. I guess this summer will be different.

I don’t know if the bird population is being affected by climate change or Covid, but something is going on. At this rate we could find a new Hitchcock and remake one of his famous movies.

I’ll go do chores now and then, yes, probably mow the lawn. It’s an easier job than building a weir however I’ve never felt an urgent desire to do that either. 🙂

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